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Presenting Your Home For Sale

First Impressions Count!





First Impressions Count!

Apart from the more obvious ones like making sure your garden, grounds and exterior are well maintained it’s often the little things which can make a big difference. While every property has good points, most have aspects that would benefit from improvement. Presentation is everything … and it’s often what sells the emotional appeal of a property.
Here are a few practical ways in which you can make an instant, positive impression.

  • Ensure your pets are secured so that they won’t annoy visitors.
  • Attend to any maintenance jobs such as sticking doors or windows, dripping taps, broken light switches, cracked glass in windows.
  • A general spring clean will freshen up the look of the home.
  • Ensure your kitchen is spotless and the working areas are uncluttered.
  • Evaluate the outside paintwork, wash house and fences if needed. Water blast paths and decks to present a clean tidy look.
  • Bathrooms and toilets should be gleaming – a dish of scented potpourri or soaps add a nice touch.
  • Make sure wardrobes are tidy, make the beds.
  • Mirrors in smaller rooms can also convey a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Place freshly cut flowers throughout your home.
  • Interesting knick knacks, books or artwork in feature areas can encourage visitors to linger.
  • Turn the radio or TV off in favour of a restful CD.
  • Outside lighting is a must for evening inspections.
  • Make sure the temperature inside is comfortable.
  • Don’t hover around – it potentially may make visitors uncomfortable.

 A Final Checklist…

  • Open blinds and curtains. Open windows to let in the fresh air.
  • Check your flower arrangements.
  • Turn on lights in dark rooms or at night and light the fire in winter.
  • Display your best towels in the bathroom.
  • Clean and straighten rugs. Vacuum and dust each room.
  • Empty rubbish bins, tidy grounds and gardens.
  • Pick up any dirty clothes.
  • Deodorise pet areas and secure pets.

Most buyers look for homes that are well cared for and bright.