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Bill Dowle

Bill Dowle

Bill’s entry into Real Estate comes after a lifetime in the farming industry. 30 years farming hill country south of Kaikoura at Goose Bay, (Exiting this property required a subdivision which was an experience that is now very helpful when assisting clients with their Real Estate needs) followed by a 3 year venture in an engineering business in Christchurch that taught Bill a lot about business, but the call of the countryside dominated. 

Bill then established a successful business advising, fencing, landscaping and doing whatever else was needed by North Canterbury lifestyle property owners along with wool classing for Merino growers in Marlborough. This eventually brought the realisation that hard physical work wears the body out and a way to maintain the passion and involvement in the rural sector required a new approach. 

When listing with Bill you will get a salesperson who is dedicated to the rural sector with a great understanding of both commercial farming from 20 years hill country farming, on-going involvement with the high country through his wool classing as well as the ins and outs of lifestyle property living and ownership, especially in the North Canterbury area in which he lives at Broomfield near Amberley. A commitment to complete what he says he will do combined with an honest and open approach will generate a result that will meet your marketing needs. 

If it is assistance with purchasing a property that you need, Bill's open and honest approach will help you find the property you want, not push you into a property that he wants to sell you. If the properties available don't meet your requirements he will get out there and find a property that does meet your needs. Such a challenge has its own rewards. 

Bill’s life outside Real Estate is busy with life on a 5 Ha lifestyle property at Broomfield, near Amberley, where he occasionally manages to relax by looking to the extensive view his home has where he can see in the distance mountains behind Hanmer and in the Kaikoura Ranges to remind him of his hill and high country connection and his growing up and farming at Goose Bay. 

 Bill is also very involved with Land Search and Rescue having been involved since leaving school. He is now Chairman of Canterbury Region LandSAR as well as key member of the Canterbury search management team as part of Oxford LandSAR group. 

Bill is also a member (and treasurer) of the Sefton Volunteer Rural Fire Force which is based at Ashley. 

 Keeping his interest in Merino wool live Bill is Chairman of the New Zealand Wool Classers Association board. He manages to fit all these activities into his work load so he has a life “outside” the office and Real Estate. 

Bill Dowle

Licensed Sales Consultant

804 Main North Road